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By Darrell Bain

ISBN-10: 1554042135

ISBN-13: 9781554042135

ISBN-10: 5557896503

ISBN-13: 9785557896504

Whilst a laboratory technician at the verge of retirement by accident infects himself with blood from an emergency room sufferer, he intends to document it--until executive brokers swarm the health facility, confiscating each pattern of blood taken from the patient--at gunpoint. determining to not document the incident simply but for worry of being thrown into an isolation chamber, he is going home--and falls violently unwell. by the point he recovers and returns to paintings, frightening issues are taking place.

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I couldn’t make myself do it, even though I was as scared as a rabbit with a fox’s head already in its cage with its jaws open. I felt my heart beating wildly and my mouth went dry with terror at what was happening. I think the only thing that kept me from running was having been in combat, albeit briefly. It isn’t courage that keeps you going in those situations, it’s loyalty to the others in it with you. Without even knowing what I could do, and without any real hope that I was going to live through the encounter, I drove back around and into the alley, hoping that I might be able to go in that way and rescue Mona.

The parentheses are mine. The paper played it straight, but give them the benefit of the doubt; they may not have known. That poor man with the mangled legs from the emergency room was undoubtedly dead by now. Chalk up one more for their side. *** We spent the next three days more in bed than out of it, truth be told. It was like a honeymoon where a couple love each other so much they can hardly bear to be separated, even for a minute. Or I suppose it was like that. Neither of my marriages had been that good, but if it were possible, this is the way I would have liked them to be.

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