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By Cliff Ryder

ISBN-10: 1426819544

ISBN-13: 9781426819544


A nuclear bomb has long past lacking. while Room fifty nine, a covert unit of the foreign Intelligence employer created to fi ght terrorist cells, intercepts a communiqué from U.S. Border Patrol agent Nathaniel Spencer. A identified terrorist, regarded as useless, is again in company.


Tracy Wentworth is operating for the dept of fatherland safety while she's contacted through Room fifty nine for an within task. Aligned with Agent Spencer and subsidized up via Room 59's huge assets, they're to evaluate and cast off the probability, utilizing any skill valuable. yet as they delve deeper into Mexico's legal underworld, it quickly turns into transparent that somebody is making plans a huge assault opposed to America…one that will render the whole kingdom thoroughly defenseless!

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Kate tried another bite, and was pleased to find that her mouth had grown accustomed to the pungent blend of spices. ” A soft chime from her computer brought Kate’s head up. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for. ” Mindy scrunched up her face in what passed as a stern expression, but only made her young face and china-blue eyes look even more adorable. “All right, five minutes, but that’s all. ” Kate wolfed another bite while sliding the glasses down over her eyes. With precise movements, she navigated to the new message and opened it.

Who would go to such lengths to kill everyone at the scene? she wondered. The answer came to her immediately. Someone who had something to hide, and when their cover was compromised, they didn’t hesitate to kill everyone to insure that they wouldn’t be seen. What could be that important? A suitcase nuke? Kate leaned forward again and brought up the e-mail from the Border Patrol agent, putting the two side by side. She felt a familiar strange fluttering in her stomach that heralded a leap in her intuitive logic.

My God, some days working here is just like any other large corporation, except we’re supposed to be keeping three hundred million people safe every single day,” Tracy Wentworth said as she walked back to her cubicle at the ramshackle headquarters on Nebraska Avenue. She was annoyed after yet another pointless two-hour meeting on analyzing strategic weaknesses in America’s private infrastructure. Everything she’d heard was a repetition of things she already knew. , and already her day was an exercise in futility.

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