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By Nina Siegal

ISBN-10: 006124290X

ISBN-13: 9780061242908

ISBN-10: 0061580570

ISBN-13: 9780061580574

Valerie Vane used to be an up-and-coming way of life reporter at a sought after manhattan urban day-by-day. Then she stumbled, really publicly, and misplaced it all—her column, her fiancé, her entry in the back of the city's velvet ropes. Now she's at the obituary table writing demise notices, and it appears like a lifeless finish.

However, whilst she writes a couple of lately deceased once-famous graffiti artist, the telephone calls begin. A mysterious voice at the different finish of the road tells her the artist's dying was once a murder—and if she have been a true reporter, she'd examine.

But can Valerie exchange her stilettos for gumshoes?

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