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By Gary Solomon

ISBN-10: 1618130412

ISBN-13: 9781618130419

Dr. Solomon's first novel, A Ballad for Allison Porter, is a mental mystery during which he contains habit, abuse, dying, abandonment, love, betrayal, and revenge, all resulting in a grotesque murder.


Allison has no longer acknowledged a observe to somebody because the day of her arrest. while information reporter, Kevin Pratt, is assigned to interview the taciturn Allison Porter, astonishingly, she opens as much as him. Kevin leaves the interview made up our minds to discover the lifetime of the genuine Allison Porter. attaining Allison's vacant domestic, Kevin unearths his method to a depressing closet in Allison's adolescence bed room. discovering an previous shoe field full of miscellaneous keepsakes, Kevin selections throughout the items of memorabilia. As he touches every one merchandise within the field he flashes again to Allison's previous. ahead of the day is thru, Allison Porter might be useless and Kevin Pratt will vow to maintain her reminiscence in, A Ballad for...

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If you don’t mind me asking, why did you decide to start speaking? ” We sat in silence for a few seconds and then she calmly answered my question. “I knew what I was doing, and I knew no one would accept what I had done. What is there to say, if I opened my mouth whatever words I used would have been used against me and the public would have laughed and made a mockery of me. The truth is, I don’t care what anyone thinks. ” “’Had to? But, why me? ” “I knew who you were the moment I walked in the door.

They all do, you know. Just like the movies, kickin’ and screamin’, prayin’ for God to forgive them. I can assure you, God’s turned his back on this one,” she snickered. “You could be a rich man. You need someone to help you write the book? Here’s my card,” one guard said, pulling his identification out of his pocket. “I’m a writer, like you. I just use this place to make ends meet. Give me a call. ” “The warden would like you to come…” Looking past the squat guard trying to stop me from leaving, I said sharply, “The interview is over,” never looking at the gatekeeper.

You have not shown the slightest sign of regret or remorse. ” Thornebeck barely paused to look at his notes. “Allison Porter, you are hereby remanded to the Oregon State Penitentiary. Upon your arrival, you will be sent to death row where you will await execution by electrocution. For the sake of the people of Oregon, I hope that it is done as quickly as possible. ” The Columbian’s account of the last day of the trial was reported verbatim. I was at my desk doing a write-up on a local artist, called only by his first name, Rafael, when distribution threw the next day’s copy on my desk.

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