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The sentence crowning glory part on standardized exams, in particular the SAT 1 examination, is frequently mentioned as a bother part for even the simplest test-takers. Examinees get test-targeted vocabulary perform inquiries to ranking greater with LearningExpress' sequence, ability Builder in concentration. This really expert drill publication presents the targeted perform beneficial for test-taking luck. Plus, all solutions are defined, utilizing phrases that make clear context, major rules, issues, and significant pondering abilities for potent learning and optimistic reinforcement. nearly each standardized try out in vocabulary, together with civil provider tests, includes interpreting comprehension questions. every one perform involves 50 questions, and solution motives keep on with each one part.

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Means blotched or spotted with different colors or shades. 45. c. ) is (of artists) to be in a state of high productivity, excellence, or influence; to grow luxuriously, thrive; to fare well, prosper, increase in wealth, honor, comfort or whatever is desirable; to make bold, sweeping movements. 46. e. ) is to confuse, perplex, bewilder. 47. a. ) is the main character in a drama. 48. a. ) means to inflict, as a revenge or punishment. 49. a. ) is self-assurance, composure, poise, especially under strain.

Pliable 122. Justin’s ______ solution to the problem revealed that he did not spend much time considering the consequences. a. facile b. obsolete c. resilient d. pristine e. ardent 123. The events of the evening ______ without difficulty despite the lack of planning on the part of the host. a. expired b. transpired c. retired d. ensured e. extorted 42 501 Sentence Completion Questions 124. It is every American person’s ______ to live the life he or she chooses. a. composite b. eloquence c. prerogative d.

Narthex b. gullet c. gamut d. quiescence e. vertex 33 501 Sentence Completion Questions Answers 76. d. ) is to wish or long for; to feel immoderate desire for that which belongs to another. 77. d. ) is a deep narrow canyon. 78. a. ) means of a steady and sober character; prudently reserved and colorless. 79. b. ) is quick and light in movement, to be agile. 80. d. ) is an entire range or a whole series. 81. e. ) is to lean, recline, or act lazily or indolently; lounge. 82. a. ) means excessive, pretentious, and demonstrative vanity.

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