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By Myke Predko

ISBN-10: 0071451420

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Microchip regularly updates its product line with extra able and lower price items. in addition they supply very good improvement instruments. Few books benefit from the entire paintings performed by way of Microchip. 123 PIC Microcontroller Experiments for the Evil Genius makes use of the simplest components, and doesn't turn into depending on one software style or model, to house the widest viewers attainable. construction at the good fortune of 123 Robotics Experiments for the Evil Genius, in addition to the incredible revenues heritage of Programming and Customizing the PIC Microcontroller, this ebook will mix the structure of the evil genius name with the subsequent of the microcontroller viewers for a sure-fire hit.

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Secondly, it is actuallyquite easyto wdte efficientandreadablecodein C, and a good portion of 27 the text in this book is devotedto teachingyou to do just that. Lastly,I believeHT:Soft'sPICC LiterMcompiler is the besthighJeveldevelopmenttool available for the PIC16F684microcontroller,and I'm pleased that it canbe usedin this book to teachyou aboutthe PIC@microcontroller. First,it integratesextremelywell with MPLAB@IDE. I feel this is criticalfor producing,testingand analyzingapplications. At the start of eachprogram,I have written out the operationof the programin C;you may want to cut and pastethis examplecodeinto separate C source-code filesand seehow efficientmy assembler is to the codeproducedby PCC Lite.

This allowsyou to import programsor partsof programs(usuallyreferredto as snippets)that havebeencreatedfor other applications, but you would like to useon the PIC microcontroller. Similarly,if you wereto comeup with somegoodprogramsor algorithms,this could be exportedto other systemsquite easily. Threedeviationsexistin the PICC Lite compiler data typesto ANSI C that I havemarkedin Table2-1. Tqpe Bit Size Comment5 bil I Booleanvalue-Note: Not a Standard C data type ASCII character/signed integer(-128to 127) unsignedchar 8 Unsignedinleger (0 1()255) short Signedinteger(-32,7681o32,767) 16 unsignedshort 16 Unsignedinleger (0 to 65,536) int 16 Signedinteger(-32,768 to 32,767).

DespiteacknowledgingC's widespreaduseandpopularity,detractorstend to focuson a few points. C is an incrediblyrich languagethat makesit suitablefor a wide varietyof differentapplications. org/) in which the most confusingcode possibleis createdfor prizes. I regularlycontestthis with proponentsof BASIC,JAVA, and other programming languages. Good programsare not the result of the languagedesigner; they are the resultof the programmerthinking about how to approacha problemand clearlyexpressingin their codewhat the programsare doing.

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